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Our Services

Legal Fees

Oasis Estate Agency has its own professional lawyer to register the property to the clients to register a flat into the client’s name it’s 3 per cent of the top of the price

To register a villa or a big house, it’s 4 per cent of the top of price.

To register¬† a land, it’s 6 per cent of the top of the price

To register¬† Nile cruises and Dahabieh, it’s 4per cent of the top of the price

Agency Fees

Oasis Estate Agency charges 5 per cent of the top of the price to make sure the

registration has been done properly, to check all the papers are done, to ensure thst the property is free hold snd the the money the client invests decure and goes to the right investment

Taxes and Insurance

Oasis Estate Agency is responsible for paying the taxes over each property sold to be able to register  the property. for this, the agency charges 4 per cent of the top of the price. By paying the taxes, the property is automatically insured.

Interior Design

Oasis Estate Agency has its own architect planner who designs what the client what the client wants.

He is also specialized to make maquettes.

Through the architect plan, we can get the licences which enable us to build a house.

Villa architect plan : 35000LE

Flat architect plan : 12000LE

Nile cruise architect plan : 85000LE

Dahabieh architect plan : 23000LE


Oasis Estate Agency Gets all the necessary paperwork and documents through luxor community to get the licenses for our client Our community always makes this step easier for our clients to make feel confident about heeir investment

Projects and investments

Oasis Estate Agency has a good contact with the ministry of investment which helps and gives investors the best advice . Our investors also get special fees for all the material they need for building works.